Thursday, January 27, 2011

Suatu pagi...

aku pn xtau knp aku xtdo lagi...padahal mate da ngntuk ni. Sok ari jumaat n aku nak balik da. Lme gler kot xbalik umah...rndu dah kat family aku. Tp sblm balik umah aku nak shoppg cuti smggu ni bole la aku lepak kt umah jer..huhu..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The new challenges in 2011...

skang umo aku dah 23 taun walaupon belum msuk bln6 lagi. And selame 23 taun ni la byk gler dugaan, kenangn pahit n mnis spnjang hidup aku. tapi tu sume dah lepas...and aku bersyukur Tuhan pnjangkan umo aku and sesusah mane pon hdp aku, aku skang dah berada dalam taun 2011, taun yg mcabar la bg aku. aku hepi still dapat bersama family aku yg paling aku sayang, dia yg aku cinta n membr2 sume la. sbb ape taun 2011 aku ckp mcabar??? sbb aku pk byk lagi bnde yg blum aku setelkn.umo da tua tp prangai aku, pemikiran still blum matang nak sronok jer. and byk lagi harapan n matlamat aku yg aku belum capai lgi. aku arap taun 2011 ni sume yg aku nak, akhirnye aku dpt jugak.amin......

PBL session 1

What I do not like about this PBL session?

Answer: Actually, PBL session give us more advantages in learning process. So I have to take this chance to master in AIS630. Encik Azmi also has guided me before interpreting and answering the questions and we also made a discussion to get a better solution. So, to me there is no argument about this PBL session.


What I like about this PBL session?

Answer: This PBL session makes me more understand about this topic because I need to answer and find the solutions of the problems rather than just study and remember that topic but do not know how to solve the cases related to the topic. PBL sessions also make my mind always working because I need to master the topic to answer the problems.

What I do not know about this case/problem?

Answer: I just confuse with the questions and maybe I do not fully understand some subtopic, and that is some problem for me to answer the question. The subtopic I meant is Computer Aided Software Engineering.

What I Know about this case/problem?

Answer: From my understanding, this problem occurred in Sales Department where the available stocks in hand are always having problems in encountering them. This happened when their current system cannot cope with semi manual and computerized stock update. This problem should be settling as soon as possible because their customers might be lost. So, they have to use Point of Sales to update stock in and stock out.
      From this case I need to identify the phases that can be found in System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Other than that, I must understand the possible techniques that can be used to gather information about the problems faced at Pahang Electronics Sdn. Bhd. This case also asked me to determine the problems that lead to project failures.